Guidelines for C.M.E. Accreditation

  1. 1. Accreditation/ Credit hours to be awarded will be the sole discretion of the Punjab Medical Council depending upon the subject matter, Status of the speaker, Quality of the paper to be presented in the C.M.E/Conference.
  2. 2. Association/Organization will apply to the Punjab Medical Council on a simple application by the organizing secretary. The application should be accompanied by the complete programme of the C.M.E/Conference including the names and designation of the speakers and the subject of the speech.
  3. 3. Ordinarily the duration of the C.M.E should be more than 2 hours.
  4. 4. Credit hours will be based on the composition of the participation, quality of the contents of the subject matter and feedback from the delegates (On specified proforma).
  5. 5. Minimum credit hours granted to each C.M.E shall be one hour for the organizing of C.M.E's for two hours. In the application sent to the Punjab Medical Council, the minimum duration given to each speaker should also be mentioned along with the topic of the lecturer while applying for the credit hours.
  6. 6. Association/Organization should strictly issue the certificate to the delegates who has attended the C.M.E. In some cases it has been observed that the certificates are distributed on the first day at the time of Registration for the C.M.E/ Conference. The practice should be taken care of. The should be certificates be distributed/awarded only on the last day.
  7. 7. Association/Organization will be duty bound to send the feedback of the delegates and the list of the delegates who have attended the C.M.E/Conference. A separate list for delegates belonging to State of Punjab and delegates of the other States should be submitted to the Punjab Medical Council.
  8. 8. In case it is found that the certificate is false, the issuing Association/Organization will be debarred for future accreditation.
  9. 9. Any professional organization or body or institution planning to hold C.M.E's should apply for accreditation to the Punjab Medical Council. The council on verifying the credentials of the organization will be given certificate to hold C.M.E's.
  10. 10 The organization like IMA/Professional bodies who hold regular monthly meeting will issue a C.M.E credit certificate at the end of every year to its members specifying how many credit hour were acquired by each members for that year. These certificates will be issued on the prescribed proforma approved by the Punjab Medical Council.
  11. 11. Accredited bodies like IMA/Professional bodies who hold regular C.M.E's will have to inform the Punjab Medical Council, the date of the C.M.E, at least 15 days in advance, so that the Punjab Medical Council can send observer to the C.M.E meeting.


Each applicant, at the time of making an application for registration under then provisions of the Act, shall be provided a copy of the declaration and shall submit a duly signed Declaration as provided in Appendix. The applicant shall also certify that he/she has read and agreed to abide by the same.
   Please read these instructions carefully, because if application forms are not well filled in, they may be rejected and not evaluated for the selection.
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